Our Magic Mushroom Cola Gummies are out of this world!

Each package of magic mushroom candies contains 14 gummies (total 3.5 grams per package)

every individual Shroom Gummy has 250mg of psilocybin equivalent to 1 microdose 🙂

The high is very smooth, with little to no stomach cramping with the perfect kick!

These are the perfect way to have a good time and get the perfect trip!




Each bundle of magic mushroom sweets has 14 gummies (3.5 grams per bundle).

Every specific Shroom Gummy has 250mg of psilocybin matching to 1 microdose.

The high is smooth, with little to no belly constraining, with the perfect kick!


These are the ideal means to have a good time and have an excellent trip!

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