Our Magic Mushroom Blue Raz Gummies are out of this world!

Each package of magic mushroom candies contains 14 gummies (total 3.5 grams per package)

every individual Shroom Gummy has 250mg of psilocybin equivalent to 1 microdose ūüôā

The high is very smooth, with little to no stomach cramping with the perfect kick!

These are the perfect way to have a good time and get the perfect trip!





blue raz gummies Magic Mushroom Blue Raz Gummies run out of this world!

Each package of magic mushroom sweets has 14 gummies (complete 3.5 grams per package).

Every specific Shroom Gummy has 250mg of psilocybin, equivalent to 1 microdose.

The high is smooth, with little to no belly constraining, with an excellent kick!


These are the best way to enjoy and also obtain the perfect journey!

Assurance and credibility are essential, and our laboratory tales are appropriately detailed here at Our objective has usually been to provide consumers with the best assortment of tasty fruity flavors and one of the most popular pressures, at some point, to supply an actual, federally legal difference to marijuana products and services.

Blue raz gummies are well known and most enjoyed with simply adequate pucker to tingle your style buds and 10mg of THC to soften your state of mind. Bitter Blue Raz in no other way goes out of favor. Lab Researches At Blue Moon Hemp, we started with a mission of high quality and openness. We hold ourselves to the highest standard by performing numerous in-residence and third-celebration lab examinations to ensure our items’ caliber. Today blue raspberry is a flavor typically discovered all over the place in the gelato store, into the benefit retail store slushy tools, to your great rack with the food market. What’s an isolated area you’ll never discover a blue raspberry? The farm! That’s optimal; blue raspberry is a person-manufactured flavor that can trace its origins to the late 1950s. Ahead of its development, there was an unusual, not nearly enough blue solution in snow cones, which at enough time was controlled by crimson options, which packed these fruit flavors as timeless raspberry, strawberry, cherry, and watermelon.

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