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Psilocybin capsules are one of the best. Taking microdoses of Psilocybin has been known to help restore brain plasticity, improve clarity, and help with mood. In particular, elders experiencing a cognitive decline from aging might find it beneficial to try psilocybin. 

Capsules are made with Canadian Psilocybe Cubensis.

Studies confirm that traditional medicines such as psilocybin and other psychedelics are powerful tools in the battle against PTSD, stress, anxiety, and addiction. There is no silver bullet or known cure for these health issues, but relief from symptoms has been reported. 

Micro dosing is also in vogue with Silicon Valley brainiacs who seem ahead. Mushroom capsules can be paired with other nootropics safely. MUSHIES MUSHROOM CAPSULES on sale

Best Use 

Microdose magic mushroom capsules are designed for daytime use and are commonly used by a wide range of working professionals.

In normal circumstances, i.e., with most people, microdoses will not speed up your brain or cognitive function, but happiness is not attained in the short term. Perhaps it’s time to slow down and enjoy the time we have. Expect slightly enhanced empathy, joy, and loving vibrations; however, attention and focus on tasks or communication may slow down.


We recommend micro-dosing cycles. People are unique, but generally, we have noticed positive results in taking four days of micro-doses and then 3-5 days off in between the next cycle. If you are new to micro-dosing, please follow our instructions for an optimal experience. 

Each capsule contains 0.15 grams. Compared to a full dose of magic mushrooms, this is about a 10th of what most adults consider a full amount. This is a  purely medicinal product. MUSHIES MUSHROOM CAPSULES Near Me


Given the small number of active ingredients in each capsule, the effects should be minimal, if noticeable.


Buy Euphoria CBD Capsules 30x30mg for sale

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Buy Euphoria CBD Capsules for sale
  • Potent Three-strain Blending Formula
  • Non-GMO, Vegan Capsules
  • Strong Alkaloid Profile
  • 100% Pure, Plant-based Ingredients
  • Third-party Lab Tested
  • Hassle-free Payment Process
  • Secure Packaging
  • Swift Shipment and Delivery
Lineage: North America Starting Dose: 1 Capsule Onset Time: 30 – 90 mins Duration: Microdose regimen specific

SOMA3 S3 330mg Capsules

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330mg of Golden Teacher per Capsule. 10 Capsules – $50 20 Capsules – $90 All Vegetarian Capsules


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Immune Microdose Magic Mushroom Capsule Packs come with 30 pills. Ingredients: 150mg – Dried Psilocybe 125mg – Cordyceps 100mg – Reishi

Ketamine Crystal Powder

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Purchase ketamine powder online from us. Ketamine (Ketalar) Powder creates an unexpected high for about 60 minutes.

SOMA8 S8 250mg Penis Envy Capsules

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250mg of Penis Envy Mushrooms per Capsule. 10 Capsules – $45 20 Capsules – $85 All Vegetarian Capsule

Mint Dark Mushroom Chocolate Bar 3000MG

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Mint Dark Chocolate Bar (3000mg) by Shroom up. are hand-curated artisanal psilocybin-infused chocolate that will enhance your taste buds & quality of life.

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