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Leucistic Treasure Coast (spore print on foil)



Leucistic Treasure Coast (spore print on foil), Order Leucistic Treasure Coast (spore print on foil)

Leucistic Treasure Coast is one of the fastest-growing Cubensis varieties; the caps and stems appear bright white and can reach 12-plus inches long. Black spores will drop from the caps after the veil opens, so keep a close eye on your research to avoid over-sporulated harvest.

Our aluminum foil spore prints come sealed in an autoclaved package free of contaminates to ensure sterile research.


Ketamine Crystal Powder

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Purchase ketamine powder online from us. Ketamine (Ketalar) Powder creates an unexpected high for about 60 minutes.

One up Mushroom Strawberries and Cream

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These One up chocolate bars contain 12 pieces of chocolate. They have an average weight of 290 mg  a piece resulting in a combined 3.5g a bar. These precise measurement allows consumers to consume the proper dose.


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VISION: Need a refreshment? Maybe something with a twist? We’ve got the treat for you. This bar is inspired by the peppermint twist dance from the 1960’s. This infectious dance swept the globe with popularity as it was new and cool, something people hadn’t seen before. The Peppermint Twist bar will stimulate your senses giving you the fresh start you’re craving. This might even give you enough energy to dance into the evening, even after eight. We’ve created this bar with a peppermint twist to help energize your day to day. The natural benefits of peppermint aid in digestion, headaches, sleep, concentration, and overall energy. This vegan dark chocolate bar will have your taste buds dancing, and your mind energized.


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VISION:  Welcome to Dreamland. Daydreaming at its finest, this is a place for manifestation, planning, reflecting, processing, thinking and dreaming. The dream state is a mystery for most but imagine being fully conscious and in control. Cookies & Cream Dreams will guide you through this space while allowing you to take the lead of your mentality. If you are aware, observant, focused, disciplined and mindful; you will achieve your goals. With intentions and your heart in the right place, dreams do come true.

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